Start with Why

No matter how you feel about investing – whether you think it’s fun, a chore or you are totally indifferent – you can’t neglect it.  It’s important for the financial well being of your family, to fund your children’s education, and of course to secure your future and restful retirement!  Getting the “Where”, “What”,  “How” […]

Success = doing nothing

“Michelangelo was asked by the pope about the secret of his genius, particularly how he carved the statue of David, largely considered the masterpiece of all masterpieces. His answer was: “It’s simple. I just remove everything that is not David.” – from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Antifragile I am currently reading this book.  You may be […]

Why they suck and why they’re great….

And I don’t mean sharing ice cream and I don’t mean little sisters…..I mean family budgets…… “Budgeting”, “tracking expenses”, “generally trying to figure out where the money goes”, whatever you want to call it…….everybody feels it should be important but it perpetually rides the to do list.  Or else budgeting for some reason suddenly becomes relevant or […]