Success is less about hitting home runs and more about staying out of trouble

People are often surprised when we say that successful investing does not mean you have to “beat the market”.  Instead, successful investing is simply that which allows you to meet your financial goals.  Trying to hit “home runs” by picking hot stocks before they jump or timing market swings are activities more aligned with speculating than investing and […]

How do you like them Apples?

“In short, these ETFs live by the big stock sword but they also die by the big stock sword.” This quote from a Bloomberg article this morning “Apple Takes a $4 Billion Bite Out of ETFs as Smart-Beta Shines”, captures one of the obvious shortcomings of investing in simple exchange traded funds (ETFs) that weight their holdings […]

Where’s the yield?

Or as Lisa Abramowica and Rani Molla put it in their April 5 Bloomberg Gadfly piece, “Dude, Where’s My Yield?” The picture tells the story – 10 year government bond yields are lower than 2% in many developed countries that have half-decent sovereign credit ratings.  Japan and Switzerland’s 10-year bonds have negative yield!  To search for […]