The two crucial success factors that often elude investors

There are two crucial success factors that often elude investors –  the ability to save consistently and the discipline to stick with a saving and investment plan over time. Successful investing is a long-term proposition.  In the short-run financial markets are very unpredictable, gyrating to a complex and increasingly-interconnected information flow that changes by the second. […]

Sorry but this is one broken record worth listening to…

Last month S&P Global published it’s 2016 mid-year SPIVA Canada Scorecard which compares the performance of actively managed Canadian-based mutual funds with their benchmarks.  The conclusion is clear: actively managed funds, after fees, underperform their benchmarks over time.  Investors may be better served using passively managed alternatives such as index tracking mutual funds and exchange traded funds […]

Educate yourself about fees and reap the benefits!

Last week the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) launched an investor education campaign targeted at helping investors better understand the fees they pay.  There simply can’t be enough education around this issue and we absolutely applaud their efforts.  Their website is a great source of information and education and this latest campaign showcases some new tools […]

4 Important Psychological Biases for Investors to Understand

In our last post we highlighted that behaviour might just be the biggest source of trouble for investors.  People just aren’t psychologically wired to make investment decisions that are good for them and often do things that are potentially harmful.  Our brains have evolved to create protection mechanisms that in many instances are helpful – just not […]

Success is less about hitting home runs and more about staying out of trouble

People are often surprised when we say that successful investing does not mean you have to “beat the market”.  Instead, successful investing is simply that which allows you to meet your financial goals.  Trying to hit “home runs” by picking hot stocks before they jump or timing market swings are activities more aligned with speculating than investing and […]