It’s a tough job…somebody has to do it, just not necessarily you!

Protecting and growing your retirement nest-egg is one of your most important financial responsibilities.  Ensuring that your nest-egg is sufficient to fund your lifestyle in retirement often means putting at least part of it at risk in the stock market. Unfortunately too many people are swayed into believing that being a successful stock market investor means you have to […]

The most dangerous asset class may just surprise you….

Investors flee to cash during times of trouble.  However, far from being a safe haven, cash is potentially the most dangerous asset class for investors, luring investors into bigger psychological bubbles than even tech stocks and housing have historically. We recently wrote about why investors might want to consider holding bonds rather than cash, even at current low […]

Beware the man bearing low risk stable returns

An “article” in a leading Canadian financial daily last week urged investors to consider alternative investments such as hedge funds, private debt funds, factoring funds, etc in order to achieve solid investment returns without taking on high risk.  Once the privilege of the ultra-rich, such investment opportunities are now becoming increasingly available to a larger swath of the […]